Top 20 Clever Ways to Save Money in South Africa (2022)

Top 20 Clever Ways to Save Money in South Africa (2022)

Oct 12, 2022

Life seems to be faded when there is no money alone because money is essential for leading life happily. People tend to save as much as possible, but this can’t be possible until there are enough earnings.

Now, the word enough creates a problem in people’s lives because this doesn’t let them calmly. It is where they sometimes forget to live their lives in want of more. At the same time, this is false because it’s up to you and your strategies for money-saving.

In today’s article, you will learn how to save money in South Africa with the top 20 effective clever ways in 2022. It might be the time you must not have thought of earlier, but you will undoubtedly enjoy that a lot ahead.

It is better to stick with the article reading until you know about the money-saving tips. It is all about ideas, but they must move in the right direction. So let’s find out what they are that can be very beneficial for your upcoming future.

Use these 20 clever tips for saving money:

  • Remove your pending debts:Perhaps, you don’t know how your pending debts tend to ruin you gradually. Apart from that, they leave you deprived sometimes of getting financial assistance. You can’t think of saving money until you get rid of them. So you should pay off your pending debts one by one to avoid paying extra in the form of high-interest rates.
  • Keep your eyes on spending:The best way to save money is to keep your eyes on spending because you can have an idea through this which direction your money is going. If your spending is going unnecessarily, that is not very important; then it’s time to pause permanently because this will save you money. It can only be possible once you start noticing your spending.  
  • Do something about phone costs: Did you ever notice? How much your phone costs you each month? You have to think about how much time you spend with your phone during your free hours as much as you use your phone, as much data goes taking money out of your pocket. Switching your phone for a couple of hours is nice to consume data.
  • Establish a saving goal: You can also set a saving goal to make your financial future bright. It is essential to have some future investment plans, so you will not have to face challenges. What you have right now with you, you can save from that too. Yes, this requires sacrifices, but you will feel great ahead with extra funds.
  • Avoid intoxication: You don’t know how much you spend on smoking and drinking, which affects you negatively in every aspect. Most importantly, you lose your health by doing smoke then wealth. It is hard to quit because you may have had this addiction for years. So keep a distance from that slowly. 
  • Avoid having lunch out: You must carry your tiffin box from your home rather than you take that out. You have to pay much if you have lunch out daily. It also doesn’t allow you to save money. On the other hand, your health might be affected badly while eating out. So it would help if you started carrying your lunch from your home so that you can stop yourself from spending money on eating out.
  • Keep the change aside: Here can be a place where you can drop some change of coins and continue with that for so long. As long as days pass- you will have enough coins where you started putting. You can take them to the bank and get them saved in your saving account. It would help if you had some patience here because this needs a little time. Remember, you don’t have to do anything in a hurry for better outcomes.
  • Look out for discounts while shopping: There are times when essentials are available with their discounts. It would help if you kept that in mind while preparing for shopping. It would help if you asked for some discounts on each product because discounts can save you money which couldn’t be possible. It is a tactic you can use to save money after setting up a goal to save money this year. 
  • Exercise at home:You must be spending money on a Gym to keep yourself fit n fine. You can do it at your home too- don’t you think? If not, then this is right for you to take exercise at your home by running for a few kilometers early in the morning. Each month you pay to your Gym, you will be able to save that money by resorting to this tip. It will give you a slow result, but you will be able to see the change in your health after some time.
  • Take advantage of low seasons:During low seasons, shopkeepers and dealers keep the rates low of what people don’t want at that time. Such as, buying a refrigerator during the winter can save you money compared to the summer season. Similarly, there are a lot of things that you can find and take seasonal advantage of while saving money. It is nothing, but a result of different thinking than other people who can’t think of such a level for their future betterment. So this way, too, you can save money on various items.
  • Stop going to bars for a birthday party:The best way to celebrate your birthday party is at home rather than you go to a bar with your friends. Booking a bar will cost you more than what you can do at your home for the party celebration with your friends. It might be a great idea only to arrange eating items at home, such as cake, soft drinks, and other eatery items. Thank god, you don’t have to pay any bills in the end like any of the hotels you had to pay.
  • Stop exchanging your phones: Is your current iPhone working fine, or do you need to exchange it for the latest one? Since this phone costs you much as compared to other android phones. If your current phone is working fine from all aspects, then this is not the time to buy a new one. It is time and money wasting exchanging phones without any valid reason, but just for fun.
  • Use your property space for rent: It is a lot better to rent out your space to the people who are looking for it and willing to pay. The best part is- you can get the money in advance. On the other hand, they will look after your rental property. Then you don’t need to deploy any guard that will ask for a charge every month. You can resort to this helpful tactic that can be the source of making money that you will have extra apart from other expenses.
  • Switch to automatic: This means taking advantage of the digital world because many bankers have an automated transfer system between various accounts like saving and checking accounts. It will help you receive money and send it to another account according to the specific place and time. If you have any loan service going on, then also this automatic system will help you from paying extra. Funds will automatically be deducted from your account, avoiding you from paying any penalties.
  • Limit to gift buying: You might be fond of costly gift buying, but this time you will have to think much more about yourself and fewer others. It is acceptable that you can’t ignore that, but no one is asking you to do that. What you have to do is- buy some of the limited gifts after looking around all the gift shops. It will give you some idea of where you should buy the gifts from with price affordability. You can keep yourself avoid from buying costly gift items.
  • Understand the difference between needs and wants: You will have to understand the difference between needs and wants. Your basic needs are more than enough for a life survival, but since your desires take place, then they also create many problems for you because they make you spend money. That’s why you need to know what matters to you most, your basic needs or wants. Although no one can stop themselves from wanting, but stay with the need to save money.
  • Reuse the old stuff: You don’t need to throw the item you used once because you can reuse that for the same work. Although you can’t do that with all the household items, some items can easily be reused. One of the best examples: is the plastic sandwich bag you can reuse after cleaning it nicely. It may be strange, but you can save money through this.
  • Use cash or debit card only: You have to be in favor of cash, or else you have the second option of a debit card whenever you have to make payments for purchases. Using a credit card will cost more than a debit card or cash that you could have used to make payments. You have to avoid using credit cards until you meet one of the extreme situations where you have no option of cash.
  • Switch to a cheap hostel: When you are out celebrating a vacation, it is advisable not to hire rooms at a 5-star hotel because this will cost you a lot for a couple of hours. You can save money by hiring some of the rooms available at local hotels because it is all about night or day. Be smart and save money using such tactics.
  • Use public transport: There is one more option for saving money to travel on public transport because this will not let you spend money on diesel or maintenance costs. You only have to pay for the fair when traveling in public vehicles. Finally, you have gone through the money-saving ideas you can now resort to for caring for your pocket.

What’s next?

To save money, people use tactics that sometimes seem to fail. But some standard money-saving ways mentioned above can bring you desired results after you go through them. Before that, you would have to determine how much serious you are about money-saving because many people get failed to stickiness at a time.

Anyway, you must stick with them at any cost after developing new habits from saving money. Your future will be secure from financial worries if you go ahead with a pocket-carrying tendency in South Africa.

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