How Can I Get A Loan Without A Job In South Africa?

How Can I Get A Loan Without A Job In South Africa?

Oct 6, 2022

Whether you are working or not- emergencies don’t know you personally so that you will not have to go through unexpected expenses. After all, almost everyone has to face a cash shortage once in their life, no matter who they are.

It is one situation that makes people ultimately apply for loans when nothing else works further to get instant funds. But the question is- how can somebody get loans with no job availability?

Based on the job only, lending institutions think further to assist you financially if you are someone who doesn’t have a job but wants to apply for loans. This question must have worried you about getting loans with no job in South Africa.

But the truth is that some lenders can consider your loan application valid in South Africa. You need to stick with this article to explore more.

Can you get a loan if you’re unemployed?

It depends on whom you are applying for the loans because there are many lending institutions. In maximum cases, with no job, people can’t get loans from banks or other lending institutions. But you are lucky that you can still get the funds with no job.

The fact of the matter is- you have to prove your ability for the loan repayment to the lenders. For that, you should have any income along so that you can pay off the funds on time to avoid paying high-interest rates.

Although your credit score matters here, too, in getting the loan approval, being unemployed is one of the main concerns, but there are some government benefits that some direct lenders accept as an income. They can help you a lot in getting the funds with no job in South Africa.

Types of government benefits:

  • Cash assistance: Cash assistance is one of the benefits used for various purposes for children, people living on pensions, disabled people, etc. So this type of social assistance, if you are getting from your government, can get you the loans.
  • Unemployment insurance:This type of benefit is also the benefit that unemployed people get who lost their jobs without their fault. Based on this benefit, too, you can get loans. Understand the Unemployment Insurance Fund provided by the South African government here.
  • Medical assistance:In case you receive public healthcare benefits. These benefits can also do work for you in getting loans. The South African government takes care of public health, which is laudatory.
  • Housing subsidies: These types of benefits are provided the by the government to those who want to qualify for mortgage loans. Such benefits are also acceptable for taking out a loan when unemployed. But the main problem is- they have low incomes to achieve the goal.

How to get a loan without a job in South Africa?

With no job, if you are wondering about applying for loans, you have to be very serious about some of the essential factors for you to know. People often have no idea what to do next in their haste for money.

Therefore, they very often take the wrong decision, which leads them to problems ahead. This article benefits people who find themselves helpless in such a situation. So if you are also one of them, you must consider a few factors before applying for loans.

 A few things for consideration:

  • Make sure to pay loans on time: The most important thing you have to consider is checking your ability to pay off the loans on time since this is very important for borrowers to get rid of their loans as soon as possible.
  • Read out terms and conditions: The second most important thing is to read all the terms and conditions very carefully during the loan process. After this, you will not have any confusion in the end. You have to act patiently rather than taking the steps in a hurry to lose.
  • Know the best and worse parts:This is also very important to consider what is good or bad about the loans. In case you failed to repay your loans. You should know the consequences of that.   
  • Interest rates: You must be aware of the high-interest rates you will have to pay because you are applying for loans with no job. So, it would help if you considered interest rates too to avoid paying additional charges.

What if You Don’t Qualify for a Loan?

You still need not worry about anything if you don’t get the loan approval for the loans due for any reason because there are still some ways that can help you a lot in getting the money arranged quickly and conveniently.

Again, this article benefits you in all aspects of financial assistance. So, this might be your last attempt to find the proper money arrangements for emergencies at their peak.

Do something else: 

  • Cut off your expenses: This seems almost impossible, but you will have to do that to come out of such situations. There might be several unnecessary expenses. You have to remove them as soon as possible because this step can save you some money additionally.  
  • Please use emergency funds:Since you must have some funds in savings, this is the time to get them out and use them for your purposes. Every person keeps the funds in the corner while their earning periods, so you did great because using them will make you feel proud.
  • Find more ways to increase income:If you are fond of surfing the internet for fun, this is the time to use the internet to make money. You might be good at something. So, you can make money by using your skills online. You can get the money in advance as a fee.
  • Find a co-signer if possible: A co-signer is someone who has a good credit history with an income. Your co-signer is responsible for repaying the loan if you fail to pay off loans. This option can’t be good for your co-signer because they will have to pay off the loans if you don’t. You can consider this option, too, with positive results by hiring a co-signer to apply for loans.

How to make money while unemployed in South Africa?

It is being recently unemployed if you are making attempts for money arrangements as fast as you can. It is excellent thinking you are carrying because many options can get you the funds immediately.

All you have to do is- think wisely than other people who get themselves trapped by coming into the depression. You can learn about alternative ways of making money without a job with you. A large number of people do that during such times. It is your turn, perhaps, that will undoubtedly bring you a lost smile back on your face.

Some money-making ideas:

  • Start blogging: If you have writing skills and you want to utilize this skill, then you have the best option of writing blogs for people. It is an online based job that you can do to make money. They will pay you per article so you can set up the target to write blogs for them and make money instead. Read here: How to Start a Blog in 2022: The Ultimate Guide.
  • Sell out useless gathering items:You kept ignoring the gathering stuff in your home. It’s time to accumulate them together and sell them to your nearest rag-picking shops. You can have instant money by doing this. For that, you have to be conscience. Only then can you be able to do that.
  • Take use of photography skills: You shouldn’t let your photography skills to social media only because you can sell it online and get money instead. In today’s time, the art of any type is spreading, and people leverage this a lot. So you have this excellent option of making money if you think a bit differently.
  • Are you a dog lover?Many people have no time to take their dogs out for a walk. It is the best opportunity to give you the money as a part-time job. It can be one of the best options that you won’t forget for making money through what you like most. You can find this kind of job in apartments mostly. Take a look at Dog walker salaries in South Africa.
  • Rent out your properties: You may have additional properties to rent to needy people who can pay you for that. It is a better idea to make money with an instant movement. Maybe, you couldn’t reach this idea, but this is beneficial for many people who have no job but items to rent. You may check:

What’s Next?

Getting a loan without a job is hard, but not difficult because you can still get money arranged with some of the above mentioned ideas. Apart from that, some online direct lenders offer funds whether you have a job or not. In both cases, you can get the funds by applying with them.

It is a fact that emergencies may visit you anywhere and anytime, leaving you surprised. At the same time, nothing works, but you don’t need to worry about anything now because you have plenty of options for arranging money.

You can also try to get loans without job by applying at It is one of the best online portal to get payday loans in South Africa, no matter what your financial and credit history be.


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