How To Claim Unemployment Benefits In South Africa?

How To Claim Unemployment Benefits In South Africa?

Nov 1, 2022

Being jobless is one of the worst things that nobody expects in their dream; this comes with several problems that make your life like hell. Many people are terminated without their fault, which might be attributed to nature crises like Covid-19.

This makes people stand in the middle of nowhere. Also, losing a job only affects one life. There might be many lives behind as family members lose their job, which is the only source of income for survival.

Keeping this in mind, South Africa’s government provides unemployment benefits to the breadwinners who may have a family. Aren’t you one who wants to know the procedure for claiming unemployment benefits?

If yes, then you are at the right place because this article will benefit you for claiming such benefits. You have to stay with the article reading and don’t go anywhere until you find the solution.

What is the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) mean?

Unemployment insurance funds are for jobless people who were terminated or are unable to work further for any reason. This kind of financial assistance is available for a particular period.

Such people can also take advantage of such funds and depend on someone who is the sole breadwinner in their family. But now they are no longer to feed their family, which is terrible for consideration.

You can only qualify for U.I.F. (unemployment insurance fund) if there has been a contributor to the U.I.F. during your working period. Apart from that, you will be able to get benefits after you have got another job.

Who is eligible to claim from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)?

As mentioned above, if you have contributed to the UIF with a part of your income. Then you have the right to claim such benefit from your employer after your service has ended, in case your employer comes under bankruptcy.

A large number of domestic workers only work under one employer. They can be eligible to claim such benefits from their boss without hesitation after their job is no more. There can be another condition to claim unemployment insurance funds after their employer loses their life.

Most working people can claim such benefits in South Africa, which can surprise you. So you don’t need to worry about eligibility for these benefits because this is why this article is here for you.

How to apply for Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) online

You can easily register for an unemployment insurance fund online, or else you can visit your nearest labor office. But applying for these benefits online should be preferable because you can save enough time.

What you have to do is- log in for the unemployment register. You need to ensure that you have all the required details pertaining to the documentation. Let’s try to find out what they are actually.

Registering at a labour centre  

  • Some essential information is required: You need to have some essential details such as id numbers as well as an address before moving to the labour centre.
  • Arrange forms: There are 3 different types of forms UI-8, UI-8D and UI-19 for commercial employers. You can fill any of them from your nearest labour office by visiting them.
  • Needed to fill: This is the responsibility to fill out the forms for their workers as well as themselves. The form demands a reference number of the employer. In case, they don’t have the availability of a reference number then this is not going to create any problem after being left.
  • Submit after filling: Do the form submission after filling

Applicants Should Remember: 

Being an applicant, one must remember a few things before proceeding further because this is very important to keep in mind.

  • Employers can’t take more than 1% of their salary for UIF.
  • Large percentage is not deductible from salary in case of not making payments of UIF.
  • Not chargeable for UIF deduction since these services are known as additional services.
  • Extra deductible amount is refundable if mistakenly, this has happened.

How does the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) help?

This unemployment insurance fund helps jobless people for a small time by the time they are unemployed. Such people don’t have ideas about continuing their survival after being unemployed.

For various valid reasons, you can experience several benefits after you have no job. Understandably, there is no hope when such problems knock on your door. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

 There are 5 kinds of benefits covered by UIF:

  • Unemployment Benefits:These benefits are available for more than just those who lost their jobs. But some people haven’t received their salary due to specific reasons such as pregnancy, illness, and looking after children. 
  • Illness Benefits:You can access such funds when you cannot work due to your physical condition not allowing you. Also, it would help if you had some treatments for illness for fast recovery. While applying for the benefits, you have to carry some details that belong to your illness.
  • Maternity Benefits:You can get maternity benefits for 17 weeks after facing a miscarriage you had to face to a new-born baby. Here too, you need to carry the pay slip of the last payment; some banking details may require too.
  • Adoption Benefits:You can avail of benefits after you adopt a new baby and you take unpaid leaves. Then you can access these benefits under the child care act with documents, such as a 6-month pay slip, a copy of the child’s birth certificate, and a statement from your employer regarding the same.
  • Dependent’s Benefits: The main earning person being married lost their life can claim the benefits after being employed or unemployed. The applicant must verify themself; a marriage certificate copy is needed along with medical certificates. The application will only work if made within six months of demise.

What we think?

Your life is based on what you are doing professionally or unprofessionally because you get a regular income for survival. What if all of a sudden, you are sacked, or you lose that? Unfortunately, it is terrifying even thinking.

But you don’t need to worry about it anymore because some unemployment benefits can help you continue your survival. You must have learned how to claim such benefits, so you only have to move on accordingly.  

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