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Do you need better credit to get approval for loans? You may have some emergencies you can’t ignore, but you have no money to manage them. Some online lenders offer loans that approve bad credit at MoneyStar.

The best part is that such funds are hassle-free in arranging documents for bank submission. You can get loan approval for payday loans with bad credit by applying for them online with our most trustworthy online lenders.

Can I get a loan with bad credit from direct lenders?

You can apply for bad credit loans from a few direct lenders in your province. Generally, your bad credit is a sign which indicates about your past financial habits which can be either good or bad. Depending on its condition, lenders think further about whether to assist you financially.

Suppose your past financial dealing is bad, making lenders keep a distance from you for financial assistance. But if you have maintained your credit history, lenders don’t delay accepting your loan application to work on it.

Some reliable lenders accept your bad credit to help you with money, although you are a risk to them. You have to pay high-interest charges while paying back your loan because they don’t demand anything for possession.

What are bad credit loans in South Africa?

Bad credit loans are a loan for borrowers with a better credit score. These loans are for a short duration from 1 to 2 weeks to fix your emergencies then you need to repay them on your next payday as per the terms and conditions.

You typically use these types of loans for specific emergencies, including medical bills, car repair, rent, home renovation, debt consolidation, etc. The loan amount is available from R100 to R50,000 to tackle short term expenses.

Our most reputable lenders in your province offer such money based on your loan repayment ability. So you can apply for such funds once you are sure to make a loan payment timely.

How to apply for urgent loans with bad credit?

The loan application process varies from lender to lender, but some lenders have a short process that you can complete in 4 simple steps.

Apply now in simple steps that include:

  • Fill out the online application: You must complete a simple online application with employment details and some valid personal details, ensuring you can repay your loan on time.
  • Wait for verification: You must wait until our lenders verify your details. It takes a couple of minutes for verification.
  • Accept offer:You will have a loan offer on your email ID with an attachment of the loan contract to read its terms and conditions and sign electronically.
  • Receive money:You can get your cash in your bank account in 5 to 10 minutes after signing the documents digitally.

What do you need for personal loans with poor credit?

Every lender has specific lending criteria to offer personal loans with bad credit. You can apply for them with some reasonable requirements. Missing any of them may make getting funds challenging.

Basic requirements that you have to meet:

  • Age: 18 years of minimum age is required to qualify for such online loans, so you need to meet this requirement while applying.
  • Employment: You must provide employment sources from the self-employed or any other for loan repayment.
  • A stable residence: Your residence should be stable in South Africa to qualify for the money. Your permanent residence builds trust in the eyes of your lender that you have been living in your province for so long.
  • A bank account: You need to keep your bank account ready because funds are transferred to your account directly by our lenders.
  • Contact details: You can share your email ID, citizenship of South Africa and active phone number.

What are types of payday loans with low credit?

Payday loans are short-term unsecured loans that come in various forms to be applied by borrowers with low credit. You should know each of them before you resort to them to get financial relief from additional expenses.

Types of payday loans:

  • Cash advance loans: Cash advance loans are similar to payday loans that borrowers apply during their money shortage. These loans also come with high-interest rates to pay on your next payday.
  • Short-term loans: The name of short-term loans tells itself that you can use them for a limited time. These loans are also expensive and natural to help you meet your short-term needs.
  • Instant loans: Instant loans are also a type of loan that can be obtained instantly after applying from fewer online lenders. But you can’t use them for long since they also fall into the same payday and short-term loans category.

What Are pros and cons of bad credit loans?

Bad credit loans are known best to help you escape emergencies anywhere and anytime in South Africa. On the other hand, they also come with some negative factors apart from some positive aspects. You should check both the pros and cons of such loans so that you may be sure of these funds.


  • Fast process: Bad credit loans come with a fast process which makes you avail money to remove your money shortage.
  • Approval in minutes: You can get your loan approval with specialized online lenders in your province.
  • Minimum requirements: You can provide requirements you may not have. You need some basic requirements to provide your lender.
  • 24/7 open for you: You can apply for money anytime because they are available 24/7. Banking institutions may not open during your cash urgency in the middle of the night, so this problem is also resolved.
  • Bad credit is not a problem: it is a problem, but some online lenders don’t consider it a problem when lending you money.


  • High-interest rates: Borrowers must pack back these loans on their next payday arrival with high interest charges.
  • A short duration: One negative aspect is you can’t use money for a long time.
  • Debt cycle: Once you miss your loan payment, your debt cycle starts to pay your first loan.

What are tips to qualify for bad credit payday loans?

Some valuable tips make the possibility strong for getting approval for payday loans with your bad credit.

Things to remember before applying include:

  • Check affordability: Before applying for such loans, you should check your affordability because such funds tend to be paid on time.
  • Your credit score: You need to check your credit score whenever you are moving to apply for loans. The condition of your credit makes you qualify or disqualify for any financial aid.
  • Meet lending criteria: You need to meet the lending criteria of lenders, which helps you get a loan approval.
  • Straightforward existing loans: It is better to remove existing debts by making their payments, which obstruct your loan approval.

Why choose MoneyStar for bad credit loans?

Reasons to choose

100% free online service: Our service is 100% free when borrowers apply for financial aid with us.

  • No hidden charges: Borrowers don’t pay hidden charges because everything in the documentation is transparent to them.
  • No collateral: Our lenders don’t require anything from you in exchange for offering these online funds with a same-day funding solution.
  • Privacy: Your all-private information is protected under encryption software from our online lender.

Loans That Approve Bad Credit – Some FAQ’s.

Can I get bad credit loans from online lenders?

Some online lenders can help you get some extra funds to cover your short-term expenses.

Can you get personal loans with no credit check?

Yes, getting such loans from many selective lenders is possible based on your ability to make your loan payment on time.

How does my loan affect my credit rating?

If you are strict about making your loan payments on time, these loans won’t negatively affect your credit. Yes, defaulting payments make you pay a little extra each time you do.

Can I still get a loan if I’m already in debt?

Yes, you can still get loans with us if your pending debts are unpaid, but too many debts make lenders think about it.

How can I improve my bad credit score in South Africa?

You can improve your bad credit by making your loan payments on time. If you have debts pending, remove them immediately to see some positive changes.

Using the MoneyStar, you may get from R100 to R35,000 in just 5 minutes.

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