Top 10 Richest Women In South Africa 2023

Top 10 Richest Women In South Africa 2023

Feb 14, 2023

Luck has a significant role in human life because if it weren’t, people wouldn’t give birth to wealthy families or be in poverty. Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mount, and many keep on struggling for survival. No doubt- women in South Africa have the speed of becoming rich, whereas people keep on imagining only.

Today’s article is based on how women in South Africa did the wealth accumulation, whereas challenges have been there for them. It will be exciting when you know about some wealthy women. For that, stay with this article reading to get into a bit of depth because there are the top 10 wealthiest women in South Africa.

Top 10 richest women in South Africa

Wendy Appelbaum

Wendy-AppelbaumWendy is one of the wealthiest women in South Africa, with wealth from various aspects. Her income comes from various fields because she is the director of Liberty investors. She also runs a wine farm, which makes her the wealthiest woman. Her past was also holding a significant position known as deputy chairperson of connection group holdings. 

  • Net worth: 6 billion
  • Wealth source: From various sectors
  • Marital status: Married

Wendy Ackerman

Wendy-AckermanWendy is known as one of the founders and executive director of Pick n pay Stores. Her contribution to environmental conservation has been tremendous, and she was honored by South Africa’s nature foundation. The exciting thing is that she has been the trusty with Ackerman Family Educational Trust, which still supports many students all over South Africa educationally.

  • Net worth: 9 billion
  • Wealth source: Pick n Pay
  • Marital status: Married

Christine Ramon

Christine-RamonAngloGold Company is a gold mining company that came up in 2004 with a merger of two AngloGold and Ashanti Goldfields Corporation. Christine has two positions as a chief financial officer and the executive director of AngloGold Ashanti Limited. Her beneficial percent stake is 0.026, which is equal to R118,471. 

  • Net Worth: 67 million
  • Wealth source: AngloGold
  • Marital Status: Married

Bridgette Radebe

Bridgette-RadebeBridgette Radebe is a businesswoman in South Africa of Tswana descent. She thrived in the mining business and acquired a group that made her one of the entrepreneurs of the modern era at the international level. Since she belonged to a wealthy business-class family, the business was in her blood. 

  • Net Worth: R1 billion
  • Wealth source: Mining
  • Marital Status: Married

Irene Charnley

Irene-CharnleyIrene Charnley is a successful businesswoman in South Africa and is also known as a social entrepreneur. The exciting thing is that she is also the President of the International Women’s Forum South Africa (IWFSA). She has also played a crucial role in Smile Telecoms, a Pan- African telecommunications group established in 2007 by a former deputy chairman.

  • Net worth: 6 Billion South African Rand
  • Wealth source: Smile Telecoms Holdings Ltd
  • Marital status: Married

Mamphela Ramphele

Mamphela-RampheleMamphela Ramphele was born in Uitkyk, situated in the North West province of South Africa. She spent her childhood in Kranspoort, Limpopo province. Her profession belongs to the medical line and many more such as she has been a politician and she has made her career in the academic sector as well. She has been the vice chancellor at the University of Cape Town. 

  • Net worth: 55million Rand
  • Wealth source: Medical, education, politics are common
  • Marital status: Widow

Judy Dlamini

Judy-DlaminiJudy Dlamini is a South African businesswoman and author, as well as a medical doctor, and she is a thriving businesswoman. She is also known as the newly-elected chancellor of Wits University. Her one more profession is vital medically because she is a doctor, a thriving South African businesswoman, an author, and a philanthropist.

  • Net worth: R124 million
  • Wealth source: Mbekani Investment Holdings Limited & Aspen Pharmacare Limited.
  • Marital Status: Married

Sharon Wapnick

Sharon-WapnickSharon’s father was one of the billionaires in South Africa; he came up with an ideology to start a business related to properties. His idea worked for his daughter, resulting in her becoming the Non-Executive Chairman and Non-Executive Director of the properties. She is leading the business properties of her father, being a businesswoman.

  • Net worth: R433 Million South African Rand
  • Wealth source: Properties
  • Marital Status: Married

Elizabeth Bradley

Elizabeth-BradleyElizabeth hoarded wealth by making investments and setting up some companies. Apart from that, she has acquired some positions in the business spheres living in South Africa. She holds positions as chairman and vice chairman of Wesco Investments and Toyota South Africa. Her father is responsible for bringing Toyota into appearance in the year 1961.

  • Net Worth: R332 Million
  • Wealth source: Wesco investment and Toyota
  • Marital Status: Married

Nonhlanhla Mjoli-Mncube

Nonhlanhla-Mjoli-MncubeNonhlanhla Mjoli-Mncube runs three companies: Mjoli Development Company, Eziko Investments, and The Alpha Network for Women. Apart from handling these companies, she has also worked as an economic adviser to deputy president Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka. She is also known as the top woman of the 90s.

  • Net Worth: R94 million
  • Wealth source: Investments
  • Marital status: Married with 3 children
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